CD REVIEW: Toubab Krewe "TK2"

World music artists don't exactly get a ton of exposure in the world of pop music. Toubab Krewe is one of those artists and they march to the beat of a completely different drummer. Combining a jam band attitude and rock music with their training and love for West African music, Toubab Krewe make some incredibly unique tunes. Their second studio release is heavier on the rock side, showing off more of their live energy and jam band sensibilities throughout the entire album, and consequently only one song clocks in at under five minutes. Unlike their first studio album and their live release, the world music elements act as more of an influence than a centerpiece of many songs. "Holy Grail," "Gine Fare," and "Area Code" are the album's standout compositions. The maturity that they show on the entire album takes them to the next level as musicians and really sets them apart from other instrumental acts. They are not out to be a dance band, or a world music band, or even a rock band. They are only  trying to be themselves and do what they love and do it well, and "TK2" is a testament to all of that.