CD REVIEW: Underworld "Barking"

After an incredibly long hiatus from creating new music, UK techno act Underworld have returned with a stunning new album. This album feels almost like a throwback to the early days of Underworld's career and if you close your eyes you get the sense you are right in the middle of a UK dance club or an Underworld live performance. Each track is as hard hitting as the next, except for the beautifully written and performed final song, "Louisiana." "Louisiana" is a riveting slow and ambient track that is as magical as it is mind blowing. "Bird 1," "Always Loved A Film," and "Scribble" all take your mind and body over with their incredible beats and lyrics and catapult you into a collection of songs that is more of an experience than just an album. Underworld is a product of the 90's techno scene and they have retained their magic and reminded us just how awesome their sound is with their newest release.