CD REVIEW: Tom Freund "Fit To Screen"

Fit To Screen
Tom Freund is one of those musicians that doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Sure he's been around for a while and made a ton of great records. His last was produced by and featured Ben Harper, and although he did get some more exposure, coupling with Ben Harper again didn't give him the boost he needed to become as recognized as acts like Jack Johnson and Ray LaMontagne. Needless to say, Freund continues to make music and he continues to get better. His music is perfect California folk rock and is rooted by his lyrics and his love for the influence of jazz. Upright bass has always been a staple for Fruend, and the subtleties of the music showcase both his unique voice and his outstanding skills as a musician and songwriter. Songs like "Ghost In This Town" and "Little Room Of Mine" are welcome additions to his repertoire and consequently two performances that are among his best. "Truly Mellow" shows off his truly mellow side, and although this EP is just a quick five songs, Freund shows off more than just his mellowness. He's shows off how spectacular a musician he is, and despite the fact he isn't selling out stadiums and amphitheaters, he still is making music just as good, if not better, than those who are making it big.