CD REVIEW: Bedouin Soundclash "Light The Horizon"

Light the Horizon
Reggae from north of the border is a different kind of thing altogether. It's a long way from Jamaica to Canada, but for the music of Bedouin Soundclash, the distance isn't all that great at all. The band's fourth album is one of their most creative yet. It's not an album full of straight funky reggae music. In fact there is a lot more worldly influence that just reggae. The album starts off with "Mountain Top," which, along with being the album's hand down standout, is the song that most closely resembles their previous work. Just as in their previous album, The Police can be heard as a pretty heavy influence. There are also similarities to mid-90's Duran Duran and even the song "Elongo" somewhat parallels Toto's "Africa." "Fools Tattoo" is another great track, showing off the band's signature reggae rock. This new disc is a progression of the band's evolution combined with elements of singer Jay Malinowski's adventurous solo album. Bedouin Soundclash are an unmatched talent in the music world, and with each album they grow and branch out, creating new and exciting tunes that sound like they're straight out of the Caribbean.