CD REVIEW: Elizabeth & The Catapult "The Other Side Of Zero"

The Other Side Of Zero
Indie and pop rock music meet at the intersection that is Elizabeth & The Catapult. The new album by the duo is head and shoulders above their debut album. Filled with catchy hooks and lyrically potent music, the new collection of songs features Elizabeth & The Catapult at their best. "You And Me" is the group's defining moment. It is a song that is equal parts accessible and indie gold. It is sure to be the song that catapults (no pun intended) these two into the spotlight. "Time (We All Fall Down)," "Open Book," and the title track are all highlights of and album is just as exciting as a whole as each of its eleven parts. Just as other indie duos have in the past (particularly Matt & Kim), this alum is going to have Elizabeth & The Catapult at the top of everyone's "best of what's next lists" and a handful of these songs are going to wind up on several "best of 2010" charts.