CD REVIEW: Fran Healy "Wreckorder"

As the lead singer of the hugely successful British pop band Travis, Fran Healy has become synonymous with Travis' signature sound. Always compared to other British bands like Oasis, Snow Patrol, and Coldplay, Travis still managed to carve out a little niche of their own. That all being said, Fran Healy has decided to give a solo album a shot. You might think it's just another Travis album, as many lead singers tend to continue down the same path they were already on, but this album is nothing like the music Travis put out. Healy has really put together a stellar singer/songwriter disc, with emphasis on the lyrics and the personal connection to the music and the listener. The album is full of great songs, some of which are surely going to become hits, both in the UK and US. "Buttercups" is the first single, and bares the closest resemblance to a Travis song. Paul McCartney (yes, the Beatle) plays bass on "As It Comes" and Healy duets with Neko Case on "Sing Me To Sleep," both of which are album standouts. Other songs like "Anything" and "Holiday" are perfect compositions showing off Healy's solo talents to the max. Fran Healy has proven that he is a major part of Travis' success, and now he's out to prove he can do it all again on his own.