CD REVIEW: Joshua Radin "The Rock And The Tide"

The Rock And The Tide (Amazon Exclusive Version)Joshua Radin has created his best album yet with his newest release. After having obscure success through having his music placed all over television and gaining several high profile celebrity fans, Joshua Radin has now created an album of songs that is sure to catapult his career to the next level. "Streetlight" is classic Radin, emphasizing the lyrics on a bed of simple pop folk music. Several of the songs on the new album feature a bit more production than in the past thanks to working with Martin Terefe (Jason Mraz, James Morrison). Radin gets soulful on the track "You Got What I Need" which has a bit of a Ray LaMontagne flavor. One of the best tracks on the disc is "The Ones With The Light" which combines his excellent lyricism with an upbeat pop vibe, creating a song that may become the cornerstone of the album. Joshua Radin is a unique pop folk artist, and on his newest album he shows off the broad range of his abilities and the best of his talents.