CD REVIEW: Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"

The Suburbs
For a while, Arcade Fire has been impressing critics and fans alike with their own brand of indie rock that is orchestral and complex. For the first time, the world can take notice of the greatness that is Arcade Fire. Their first two albums were met with critical praise, and spawned countless recognizable songs and even some placement on television. This time, radio and television have taken notice and turned Arcade Fire into a household name. Modern rock and AAA radio have been playing singles like "We Used To Wait" and "Ready To Start" and they showed off their stuff on Saturday Night Live with a stunning performance of "Sprawl II." One of the years best songs, both lyrically and musically, is "Modern Man," which, once it receives massive airplay, is sure to be the band's biggest hit song. Album of the year recognition is in the future for this collection, and the rise of Arcade Fire is going to be one of the biggest music stories of 2010.