CD REVIEW: Dan Craig "Alchemy"

Dan Craig, an independent artist, has put out a string of albums over the course of his short career. Contained within the albums is some of the best songwriting around. Up until now, Craig has cranked out a ton of excellent songs, but no he has put together the most solid album of his career. Though many of the songs are short and the album is only ten songs long, each song is perfectly written and the album is a whole is one of the best independent releases of the year. The title track is radio ready, but still nothing like anything you'll currently hear on air. Its energy, its lyrics, and its style are unique to Dan Craig, who after this album should finally get the mass recognition he deserves. "Enough," "Sunday Morning," and "Home Forever" are lyrical gems, highlights of the album, three of Craig's best songs to date. Dan Craig is a true artist when creating his music, with attention to detail unlike any other.