CD REVIEW: Dave Matthews Band "Live In New York City"

Live In New York City
After almost 20 years in existence, Dave Matthews Band has been around the block and back again, and the backbone of their success is their unimaginable ability to perform live and keep it fresh and exciting every time. Their newest live release is proof positive that they are the best at the live game, and they have returned to the top of their game. The sound of this album and the energy of the show, which was recorded in July 2010 at Citi Field, is of a brand new band. They sound as if they have just made their first album and are loving life. The live album is the first full band live release (not including the "Europe 2009" box set) to include cuts from their critically acclaimed album "Big Whiskey & The GrooGrux King." The set features the band's single "Funny The Way It Is" as well as fan favorites "Squirm," "Seven," and "Spaceman." Tim Reynolds has been playing live with the band during their post-GrooGrux shows, which helps the band sound just as good as they did back when they were pushing "Under The Table And Dreaming," "Crush," and "Before These Crowded Streets." Favorites and hits from all three of those albums all make the mix including "Satellite," "Crash Into Me," and "Stay (Wasting Time)." The band works in killer renditions of some of their live staples as well, such as "Warehouse," "Dancing Nancies," and "Two Step" which includes some opening lyrics from "Time Bomb." The fans get treated to a few of Dave's solo songs ("Gravedigger," "Some Devil), some super old tunes ("Seek Up," "One Sweet World"), and even a new song that the band has been kicking around for a while ("Blackjack"). The bottom line is that they are as good as they have even been and are having more fun playing music than ever before, and now fans can experience it form themselves. It's too bad that the band is taking 2011 from touring, but at least they are taking a break during one of the highest points of their career.