CD REVIEW: Elephant Revival "Break In The Clouds"

Break In The Clouds
Neo folk artists Elephant Revival continue with more of the same mastery on their latest album. Once again the songwriting duties are shared amongst all five members, who collaborate with instrumentation that is unlike what typical bands perform with. The songs contained within the new album are incredibly reminiscent of artists like Dave Matthews Band (early in their career), Dispatch ("Silent Steeples" era) and the Avett Brothers, but have their own soul and energy that is unique to Elephant Revival. With banjo, cello, violin, djembe, and mandolin spearheading the music, songs like "Point Of You," "Go On," and "Feathers Rise" all take on an almost magical quality and you find yourself lost in the music. The band and the songs are not as indie hippie folk as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, but they follow the same type of musical path, making music that connects to the listeners on a variety of levels. Elephant Revival is part of a movement of music, both in their home state of Colorado and nationally, that has artists tossing aside the normal expectations of what is popular and what sells, and getting to the heart of creating music that has meaning, sincerity, and artistry. On this latest album, Elephant Revival has proven that the heart and soul of the musicians involved are the stuff that makes music wonderful.