CD REVIEW: Harper Blynn "Harper Blynn EP"

Harper Blynn
Power pop is in the blood of this quartet that used to be just a duo. After having released an incredibly potent debut album (under their new name), they have returned with a digital EP to follow up that successful set. The EP features a handful of new tunes that were destined to see the light of day, and it's better that it's sooner rather than later. The EP leads off with the radio ready "Models/Dancers" that, despite their head turning performances, is sure to have them becoming a household name. The standout of the album is "Every Impulse" which bridges the gap between their former and their current identities more than any other track up to this point. The song is fully plugged in but had the energy of a Pete & J performance and the lyrics are simple and to the point, showcasing the band's musical abilities to the max. Harper Blynn are one of those indie bands that understand themselves so well you feel like they have been around forever, and this new collection of songs reinforces just how excellent their music is, despite how short (or long) their career may be so far.