CD REVIEW: Jake Smith "Everyone Comes From Somewhere"

Everyone Comes From Somewhere
Jake Smith's progression across each set of new music that he releases truly showcases his abilities as a musician. His latest album sounds like something that a seasoned veteran of the music industry would have released. True, it is his third release in a young and short career, but the music makes him seem like he's been at it for twenty years already. Smith tackles a wide array of musical styles on this album while staying true to his New Orleans roots. Funk, blues, reggae, R&B, and rock are all present throughout the album. The album features heavy influence by artists such as Maroon 5, John Mayer, and fellow NOLA native Marc Broussard. "One False Step" is the song that is going to help Smith to blow up all over the place. It's catchy and has a great soulful Maroon 5 style beat that many music fans will fall in love with. Jake also revisits one of his best previously released songs "Once Love" and shows off a bit of reggae flavor on "By My Side." Jake Smith is a true talent that is poised to become a household name with his latest self released independent album.