CD REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World "Invented"

After having been thrust in to the limelight after their critically acclaimed self titled album (aka "Bleed American"), Jimmy Eat World have been a mainstay atop the alternative rock charts with each album since. Their newest has them back at the top again, spearheaded by the single "My Best Theory" which is classic Jimmy Eat World. However, the album is not so classic, as it has the band branching out to a more lyrical approach and less in your face rock and roll. Many of the songs are emotional and heartfelt, and an instant connection to the pain and joy of the singer can be felt throughout. The most surprising song of the album leads it off, as the band breaks into an acoustic guitar driven rocker called "Heart Is Hard To Find." The album finds itself mimicking and drawing comparisons to Death Cab For Cutie and Dashboard Confessional, which is excellent company to be in. The entire album shows the growth and maturity of the entire band and the music they create, which these days is hard to find.