CD REVIEW: Lady Of The Sunshine "Smoking Gun"

Smoking Gun [+Digital Booklet]
The other half of the duo Angus & Julia Stone, Angus also recently released a collection of his music under the name Lady Of The Sunshine. This album, however, is a bit of a departure from his normal gig, as the entire set consists of songs heavy on electric guitar and alternative rock grooves. It still follows the same map as the folk music he creates with his sister, but it's got a bit more girth to it. "White Rose Parade" is a good bridge between his folk stylings and his rock chops, showing off his lyrical prowess as well as his new instrumentation. Angus Stone as Lady Of The Sunshine takes a different approach to his folk roots, and shows off that change a bit with the inclusion of the song "Big Jet Plane" which was made incredibly popular as a hit single from his last album with his sister. Being that this album was actually recorded prior to Angus & Julia Stone's last, it's actually the first incarnation of "Big Jet Plane" and the single was the updated version of it. Needless to say that it's excellent that the song was included on both albums. Lady Of The Sunshine still holds true to the folk and roots rock that is at the core of the music with a healthy dose of alternative flavoring up each and every song.