CD REVIEW: Trey Lockerbie "Light Therapy"

Light Therapy
Lockerbie is primed and ready for that outstanding debut full length album. This, however, is yet another pleasant tease, as his second EP contains only 4 songs. Lockerbie's style, reminiscent of artists such as Ari Hest and Mat Kearney, is subtle pop folk that borders on true alternative. Though this EP is subtle and mellow, it shows growth and strength compared to his debut which seemed more like just a single than a full EP. Comparatively, it seems that Lockerbie has found himself as a truly sophisticated songwriter, transcending typical pop tunes and putting together music that is hearty and tells a story. "Tacoma" is a killer track, showing off Lockerbie's lighter folk side while "Moving To Montauk" shows us that he's still a pop artist at heart, but with a bit more substance than the masses. Trey Lockerbie is a gem waiting to be discovered, and although these four songs are superb, when he finally releases a full length album, the artist as a whole will truly be realized by the world.