CD REVIEW: Nelly Furtado "The Best Of Nelly Furtado"

The Best Of Nelly Furtado (Amazon MP3 Deluxe Exclusive Version)
When it comes to female artists, there are not many who's music spans so many different genres. Always in the realm of pop, Nelly Furtado's music ranges from folk to dance to hip hop to bubble gum pop. She's made guest appearances on many of her friends and colleagues' albums, but it's still her own music that defines her. From her smash debut single "I'm Like A Bird" to the song that made her a household name, "Promiscuous," all her hits are included on this incredible compilation. Even a few newly recorded goodies make the cut as well, such as the very danceable "Night Is Young." With this collection, any listener, whether a fan of hers or not, can really get a sense of who Nelly Furtado is as a musician and performer, appreciating every twist and turn along the way.