CD REVIEW: Pete Yorn "Pete Yorn"

Pete Yorn
Pete Yorn has been releasing music faster than most artists, but it's not that he's got so much new stuff that he's got to get out, it's the old projects that are finally seeing the light of day. His duet album with Scarlett Johansson was last year's endeavour, and this time it's his work with producer/musician Frank Black (Black Francis, The Pixies, Frank Black & The Catholics) that is hitting the airwaves. This is Pete showing off his rock chops more than ever before. He's released a number of album always mixing folk and rock and pop in such a way that is distinct and accessible. This time, he's embracing his rock self and showcasing his abilities to shred on guitar and write great rock songs. "Velcro Shoes" is by far the best song on the album and one of Yorn's best compositions ever. "Paradise Cove I" is the original incarnation of a song that Pete released on his most recent solo record, showing off the true bare bones nature of the song. "Precious Stone" is blowing up on the radio, and rightfully so as it is hook filled and completely jams. Frank Black's signature is all over the album, as his Pixies roots show through on some songs and the entire disc sounds like a throwback to mid nineties alternative rock. Pete Yorn may not have reinvented himself with this release, but he surely showcased that he is a old school rocker at his core.