CD REVIEW: Luke Reynolds "Maps"

Guster's newest member had a life before Guster you know. In fact, he's had quite a career, both as part of his first band Blue Merle and as a solo artist (alternately known as Pictures And Sound). His latest, written, recorded, and released before joining Guster for their latest tour, is an excellent continuation of his poetic catalogue of music. His unique voice combined with his incredible lyricism make for an incredible new album. His tongue-in-cheek lyrics shine the brightest on "Better Off" in which he asks the listener if all the conveniences and comforts in life actually make our lives better and more fulfilled. Tift Merrit and Guster's Ryan Miller make quest appearances on the disc, and with the exposure he will get from the Guster fans, Reynolds' populartiy is surely going to skyrocket as soon as they all get their hands on this disc.