CD REVIEW: William Fitzsimmons "Gold In The Shadow"

Gold In The Shadow
William Fitzsimmons is one of the most talented singer/songwriters ever to release music in the past decade. He has a unique image and an incredibly distinguishable voice, and on his newest album he returns to his roots adding more indie rock, electronic, and upbeat elements to his deep and emotional lyrics. His previous album stemmed from great grief and pain, and his newest deals with similar issues but showcases Fitzsimmons' musical range. He is again joined by some incredible talents and the song "Let You Break" was recorded as two versions featured songstresses Leigh Nash and Julia Stone respectively. The first batch of physical releases feature the Nash version, which will be a limited run. The Julia Stone version is destined to be a successful single for Fitzsimmons. The album's first single is "The Tide Pulls From The Moon" which combines William's vivid imagery with his rootsy folk music, showcasing both in a package that is accessible and relatable. "The Winter From Her Leaving" and "Beautiful Girl" are also standout tracks on an album that will surely turn William Fitzsimmons into a household name. William Fitzsimmons is definitely part of the current cutting edge folk revolution going on in music, and this album fits in beautifully.