CD REVIEW: Matthew Mayfield "Now You're Free"

Now You're Free
Finally, a full length album from Matthew Mayfield graces our ears. Granted Mayfield has bombarded us with killer rock and folk tunes through his EP releases over the past few years, but there's nothing like a fully developed album of great music. Now, the songs contained within the new release are only half new. He has revisited and reinvented some of his past songs, elevating their lyrics and their sound to a whole new level. "Element," a song from his first EP and quite possibly his best lyrics ever, gets the treatment it finally deserves. "Man-Made Machines" and "Fire Escape" shine brighter than ever before, and take great music from Mayfield's catalogue and turn it into what will surely become accessible rock hit songs. The highlight of the album is the title track, which is one of Mayfield's newest. The entire album shows off all of Mayfield's true talents as a performer, songwriter, storyteller and even band leader. Despite the fact that he has relied on his fans and grassroots promotion, Matthew Mayfield's independent album is sure to get a ton of airplay and critical praise.