CD REVIEW: Mat McHugh "Go Don't Stop"

Go Don't Stop
The lead singer of Australian roots reggae rockers The Beautiful Girls, Mat McHugh is back with his second solo offering. Reminding us just how TBG got their start, McHugh has assembled an EP of acoustic tracks that dive deep into his songwriting while touching the core roots and reggae sounds of his band. McHugh is one of the most talented in conveying this music style to the world, and his unique and easily identifiable voice brings and added credibility to his music. The title track is acoustic reggae at its finest and the song "Love Come Save Me" is simple, beautiful, and everything acoustic roots music should be. With the EP being only 4 songs long it's just a taste of what McHugh is cooking up for future solo and TBG releases, but the most special treat is an acoustic version of "My Mind Is An Echo Chamber," a song from The Beautiful Girls' most recent release. The song is a truly different take from the original and it, along with the other three tracks, reminds listeners that, at the core, McHugh's lyrics are what drive his music.