CD REVIEW: Bag Of Toys "Access 10"

Access 10 [Explicit]
Bag Of Toys are one of those bands that grows on you. At first listen it seems like all of their music is on a level plane. Seemingly, there might not be anything that sounds like it's intricate or layered, but in fact, the simplicity of Bag Of Toys' music is as intricate and complex as the most innovative and experimental band. Sometimes it's harder to create something that is as straightforward and friendly as the music of this band than it is to break molds and push envelopes. Their music transports you straight to the beach, "That's The Girl" and "Tear Your Dress" are the highlights of the album, but each song is as good as the next. Fans of everyone from Jack Johnson to Sublime to Fleet Foxes will find something to sink their teeth into on this album. Bands who are daring enough to stick to what they know and make music they love and music their fans dig don't come around often, and Bag Of Toys don't disappoint in any way with their latest collection.