REVIEW: The White Buffalo - The Lost & Found EP & Once Upon A Time In The West

The White Buffalo has been around the block a few times, but he finally has landed in a spot when the recognition he deserves will certainly find him. The recent release of "The Lost And Found EP" and the pending release of his album "One Upon A Time In The West" show off a musical talent that is far beyond what is comprehensible in today's musical world. He has been doing the folk rock thing for a while, long before anyone cared about listening to an acoustic guitar or kicking back with some mellow tunes. The difference is that he delivers with an intensity that can be compared to that of a metal band or even Johnny Cash (who he is compared to all the time). The first singles "How The West Was Won" and "The Pilot" are featured on both releases, giving the listener a pure idea of the music that The White Buffalo is capable of. American rock and roll are the cornerstone, with a heavy emphasis on folk and his acoustic guitar. The White Buffalo's deep voice is what make him stand out, but what makes him a valuable piece of the folk rock community are songs like "Wish It Was True" and "Sleepy Little Town." These songs show off his masterful and poetic lyrics and meld them securely with the music to create a package that epitomizes American folk rock music. AAA and alternative rock radio should make space and time in their rotations for this music, as The White Buffalo is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be discovered by the masses.