REVIEW: Zach Heckendorf - The Cool Down

Out of left field, occasionally, a new music breaks onto the scene virtually unannounced. That's how Zach Heckendorf has come to be in our ears these days. His debut, self released album is finally making waves and getting heard through the backing of Aware and Universal Records. The first single off of the album is "All The Right Places" and is a collected mix of the jam band finger plucking style of Dave Matthews and the chilled out vibe of Jack Johnson. The album features production by friend Brett Dennen, who leaves his stamp all throughout the entire disc. Heckendorf, a native of Colorado whose music scene is booming, delivers a solid performance of refined and structured pop rock music, with an indie folk edginess. Songs such as "Invisible Ink" and "Tye Dye March"  mix his unique vocals and lyrics with a danceable rock that is perfect for a summer day and lends itself well to an outdoor music festival. The songs on the album transport you to a place that you truly long to be and keep you enveloped in warmth from beginning to end. Fans of everyone from Guster and Dispatch to Ray LaMontagne and John Mayer will find something in Heckendorf's music that will surely have him in the next best thing category soon enough.