REVIEW: Jason Mraz - Love Is A Four Letter Word

Jason Mraz's career started off strong and then took a left turn only to find it's way back again with the release of his last album. Skyrocketing him to new heights, the single "I'm Yours" turned Mraz into a household. That success allowed him to get a little bit more creative with his latest album, making an entire collection of music that is basically for himself. Musicians use their music as outlets for all sorts of emotions and views and beliefs, and on this album Mraz channels all of his inner love. Songs like "I Won't Give Up," "The World As I See It," and "The Woman I Love" are all smash hits in the signature Mraz style but it's the little moments on the album that shine the brightest. The inclusion of vocalist Inara George give Mraz a little indie cred, but it's the subtle jam rocker "5/6" is the best song on the album. Although he's not a jam band artist, "5/6" showcases Mraz's ability to use the music as a vessel and not just his creative lyrics. All in all, on the heels of his previous album, this one continues to propel him down a perfect path. Jason Mraz has found the ability to harness mellow and bottle it up as pop excellence.