REVIEW: The Dirty Heads - Cabin By The Sea

The Dirty Heads' first album was a giant success, both sonically and commercially, so much so that they actually released it twice. The second go around is what really put them on the map as a standout in the work of alternative rock and reggae genres. As for repeating the success the band saw with that album, it was going to be challenging. They met that challenge head on and while the new album may not be giant radio hits from start to finish, it does have a quality the debut did not: it is a complete album. "Cabin By The Sea" is the type of album that you put on and listen to from start to finish and the sum total of the album is much greater than the individual parts. Sure, there is that hit single ("Spread Too Thin") and Rome Ramirez guests again ("Mongo Push"), so there are elements that made the first album great carrying though. The thing is that the band seemingly put so much more heart, soul, and energy into creating an album this time out that just a collection of songs. You will find yourself rocking out to tracks like "Hipster" and "Dance All Night" which features a guest appearance by Matisyahu. You will also find yourself surprised on songs like "Smoke Rings," which features the vocal contribution of Del Tha Funky Homosapien, and is the bands closest attempt at a true rap song. "Burn By Myself," "Love Letters," and "Day By Day" all showcase the band's excellent way with lyrics, and keeps the album flowing smoothly. All in all, the Dirty Heads may have already arrived, but their new album shows that they are here to stay and are ready to define and redefine their genre, one which they have already embraced and conquered.