REVIEW: Erin McCarley - My Stadium Electric

Erin McCarley is a powerhouse of musicality. This second album showcases a much more poppier side of her than her first album, showing how fun music really can be. The production on the album is tighter and less organic, making for a different sound, yet familiar to any Erin McCarley fan. The album is more accessible, but more artistic in the same vein. For a musician who can just be "a girl with a guitar," this style of music can be looked at as a departure from her rootsier past, or just as an elaborate version of what Erin does best: write and sing great songs. "elevator" is the lead track and debut single from the album and can completely sum up the entire album is one small song. You are hooked and drawn in from the first note, and crave to finish the entire album and rock out thoroughly from beginning to end. Whether it be a tightly produced pop song or a loose and free flowing acoustic rocker, Erin McCarley has shown that she is truly a talent in the music world that needs to be absorbed.