BURN THIS / January 2013

  1. Matt Pond "Love To Get Used"
  2. Walk The Moon "Tightrope"
  3. Jukebox The Ghost "Say When"
  4. The Shins "No Way Down"
  5. Benjamin Gibbard "Something's Rattling (Cowpoke)"
  6. Mike Doughty "Sunshine"
  7. Tristan Prettyman "The Rebound"
  8. Cisco Adler (featuring G. Love) "You're A Fool"
  9. Aer "Songbird"
  10. MTHDS (featuring Chali 2Na) "Influences"
  11. Slightly Stoopid (featuring G. Love) "Hiphoppablues"
  12. State Radio "Freckled Mary"
  13. Phillip Phillips "Man On The Moon"
  14. Rob Drabkin "Feeling Good Again"
  15. Current Swell "I Want A Bird"
  16. Garrett Duffy "Prove Me Wrong"
  17. Mat McHugh "Pocket Full Of Shells"
  18. Milo Greene "Silent Way"
  19. The Lumineers "Big Parade"
  20. Guster "This Could All Be Yours (Live Acoustic)"