BURN THIS / October 2013


  1. Matt Wertz "Get To You"
  2. Parachute "Can't Help"
  3. Gavin DeGraw "Best I Ever Had"
  4. Tony Lucca "Never Gonna Let You Go"
  5. Honor By August "Last Chance"
  6. Green River Ordinance "It Ain't Love"
  7. Will Hoge "Never Give In"
  8. Phillip Phillips "Hold On"
  9. JD Eicher & The Goodnights "Aaron"
  10. Bronze Radio Return "Up, On, & Over"
  11. Matt Nathanson "Earthquake Weather"
  12. Andrew Ripp "Someone To Love You"
  13. Caitlin Crosby "Just Another Day"
  14. Gabrielle Aplin "Panic Cord"
  15. Jessie Payo "Goodbye Yesterday"
  16. Matt White "Love And Affection"
  17. Brendan James "Simplify"
  18. K.S. Rhoads "Orphaned"
  19. Andrew Belle "Pieces"
  20. Bleu (featuring Alexz Johnson) "The Bottom Of My Heart"