#reviewoftheweek / The Revivalists - City Of Sound

Being an album that was originally released almost 2 years ago, the fact that it is gracing the ears of the masses only now, proves that The Revivalists are way ahead of the curve. This new rock album from the New Orleans natives straddles the line between so many genres it's hard to place the sound in just one. The entire album feels like is rooted in Americana, funk, and blues while having a jam rock quality that whets the appetite for experience the music live. Fortunately this reissue of the album features a second disc of live tracks that does just that (without having to actually get to show). "When I'm Able" leads off the disc and immediately draws you in. It's a fine introduction to the band and the sound, but acts almost as a gateway drug for the sounds that follow. Some are going to draw comparisons to bands like DMB and O.A.R., but the Revivalists will stand on their own, showcasing that their sound may cater to the same fans, but is in no way the same sound. Other tracks like "Navigate Below" and "Upright" are sure to entice music lovers to actually become Revivalists fans. Some might think that a reissue of old music an easy way to break down walls, but it really just shows that music professionals and fans alike really just missed the boat on a great thing years ago. It's a good thing this band and this album isn't going unnoticed and unappreciated and finally getting the recognition and exposure that is deserved.