#reviewoftheweek / G. Love & Special Sauce - Sugar

After making music for 20 years, you'd think a band would still struggle to keep it fresh and new. Well, when keeping it fresh and new means bringing back the old and familiar, G. Love & Special Sauce have done it right. Returning to their original lineup, the band has crafted new material that could have been released on any of the band's albums over the past 20 years. "Nothing Else Quite Like Home" is a funky blues rocker which features a little help from Ben Harper. "Come Up Man" is a throwback and a great way to kick off the album and the closer, "Bad Girl Baby Blues," featured G. Love on his guitar all by himself showcasing the core of what makes his music awesome. Other standouts include "Too Much Month" and "Windshield Wipers." With interesting collaborations, jazzy bass guitar, and funk and blues permeating through the entire disc, G. Love and his cohorts have made one of the years best albums so far.