#reviewoftheweek / Phillip Phillips - Behind The Light

The latest album from Phillip Phillips picks right up where the last left off. The album is full of jam rock tunes disguised as pop rock ditties. Phillips knows exactly where his roots lie and the blues and jazz elements of his heroes are evident yet again on his second offering. Despite where he got his start, Phillips is shaping up to be a force in the music world bridging gaps between genres that haven't been mixed together since the early nineties. The album's first single "Raging Fire" could have fit well on his debut, but much of the album is a step up from the cookie cutter tunes of the first album. "Fly" is a fantastic track featuring pedal steel from Robert Randolph, and Phillips' co-writers help him craft some fantastic lyrics, including the tune "Alive Again" which was co-written by David Ryan Harris. All in all, a great second album  that should beat the sophomore slump. This collection of songs should allow Phillips to continue to broaden his music spectrum with each subsequent release.