#reviewoftheweek / Matisyahu - Akeda

After being dubbed the Hasidic reggae superstar, Matisyahu is turning the tables once again. On his latest, he mixes his reggae with everything from sweeping spiritual melodies to hip hop and jam rock. The debut single, "Watch The Walls Melt Down," is sure to become as popular as his previous hit "King Without A Crown," simply because it is catchy and has pop rock reggae energy. There are surprises around every corner including songs like "Broken Car" and "Hard Way" which are less in your face and more in your soul. "Black Heart" and "Surrender" are sure to be great live staples as they showcase every aspect of Matisyahu's live energy in the studio. "Confidence," which features guest vocals from Collie Buddz, is the album's heaviest reggae tune, and reminds us why Matisyahu is who he is in the music world. Matisyahu has proven once and for all on this album that he is the real deal when it comes to his music, and there is certainly nothing gimmicky about it.