#reviewoftheweek / Angus & Julia Stone - Angus & Julia Stone

After having done a few solo albums, the brother/sister duo of Angus & Julia Stone have returned with their biggest album to date. The album was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin who has worked with everyone from Johnny Cash to the Beastie Boys. Marking the first time the duo has written songs together, the two deliver a stunning array of new music that sets itself apart from anything they've done in the past, both together and solo. The album is full of catchy hit-worthy songs that elevate their traditional acoustic folk sound to more of an indie rock feel, while still maintaining their roots. "Grizzly Bear" and "Death Defying Acts" are two standout tracks that could have appeared on any A&JS album in the past. Songs like "A Heartbreak" and "Heart Beats Slow" show off a bit of maturity for the duo, showcasing elevated lyrics and their great ability to play off of each other, sharing lead vocal duties simultaneously, something that was sparse on previous releases. Despite the fact that they hail from Australia, this album has a very distinct Laurel Canyon/Southern California vibe that differs from the beach-ready acoustic stuff they have showcased previously. This is the album that will firmly plan their sound on American soil, and most likely skyrocket their popularity stateside.