#reviewoftheweek / The Mattson 2 - Agar

The Mattson 2 are a unique musical act to say the least. First and foremost, they are twin brothers making music together. Secondly, they do so just playing guitar and drums. Last, they entertain us with a style of jazz music that is as every bit classic as it is innovating and modern. Hailing from the west coast, being from the left side of the country really comes through in each song that they perform. This EP is their most recent release and one possibly their edgiest yet. Only 5 songs long, it exhibits their ability to combine their innovative jazz with their indie rock energy. The 9 minute "Peaks Of Yew" showcases their ability to jam out and the best portrayal of their appeal to the masses comes on "Dif Juz." There are no other musical acts out there like these guys. This is a good introduction, but their back catalogue is nothing to be ignored.