#reviewoftheweek / Elenowen - For The Taking

Going underappreciated can be a thing of beauty if utilized in the right way. Elenowen, while briefly coming close to superstardom, have allowed themselves to use their brief recognition to foster their success and creativity. This album is their defining moment, and it is every bit of excellent as you'd expect. The title track is one of the album's best, but it on songs like "Half A Mile" and "Losing The Lonely" where to duo shines. Showing off many facets of their musical influences, the album contains traces of blues, folk, and even a bit of southern rock, while still remaining true to their original sound. The music's greatness is compounded by their excellent lyricism, and now Elenowen is poised to make a name for themselves on their own terms. Sometimes all you need is a platform to let the world know you exist. For Elenowen, now there won't be an opportunity to be overlooked.