#reviewoftheweek / Benjamin Booker - Live At Third Man Records

Jack White's Third Man Records has become an institution. Now, one of 2014's best new artists has released a live performance he gave at that very place. He doesn't have a back catalogue of music, so the setlist is mostly taken from his debut album, but because that album was so awesome, it makes for a great live show. The highlights of the set are the first 2 and the last 2 tracks. The end of the album features gritty live performances of his critically acclaimed single "Violent Shiver" and the hard rocking album standout "Have You Seen My Son?" Benjamin Booker is a stunning young talent harnessing sounds from way beyond his years, showing that there are certain timeless eras of music. Benjamin Booker takes his old school blues rock and mixes in a whole lot of rock and punk live on stage. The only thing better than this recording would have been to be there in person. This album is a great way to reinforce just how pure Booker's music is.