#reviewoftheweek / Mat Kearney - Just Kids

Mat Kearney is one of those artists that, within the first lyric, you know it's him. He has a certain inflection, delivery, and lyricism that is unique and no other artists out there do it quite like that. That being said, the newest album by Kearney delivers on uniqueness 100%. He mixes synth elements and a little of his hip-hop-style flow into both poppy and indie songs, showcasing his ability to tell a very vivid story through song. The singles "Heartbeat" and "Billion" are showstoppers and destined to become the album's cornerstones, as well as fan favorites. But it's on songs like the title track and "One Black Sheep" where listeners get a lyrical insight into what it is to be Mat Kearney, and what it took to grow into the musician he is today. He duets with Young Summer on a track, which is another of the album's highlights. Kearney has developed into one of the most cookie cutter and equally out-of-the-box pop singer/songwriters making music these days. But the left field approach to his music makes him and his music, especially on this album, one-of-a-kind.