#reviewoftheweek / Of Monsters And Men - Beneath The Skin

Of Monsters And Men came out of nowhere with their debut album and were a massive hit both in the pop and alternative worlds. That put an incredible amount of pressure to repeat that success on their second album. With that, it looks as though they have created one of the year's best album. The thing is, this album is more artistic than pop-friendly and may not translate incredibly well on pop radio. This album feels more like something that Death Cab For Cutie or even TV On The Radio would record. "Crystals" is by far the album's most accessible and leads the album off well, with other tracks like "Empire" and "Orphans" showing off the band's song craftsmanship. Other standout tracks, showing off the band's less folk and more alternative side, are "I Of The Storm" and "Black Water," both of which receive a remix on the deluxe version of this release. It's nice to see that OMAM have not tried to remake their success throughout this new album, but rather showcase their talents with excellent alternative rock songs that should have them winning critical praise and awards by the year's end.