#reviewoftheweek / Charlie Mars - The Money

Charlie Mars has been at it for quite some time, but recently he has become a more prominent figure in the Americana music scene, blending his alternative pop with organic instrumentation to deliver some killer music. This album, the third in a collection known as the Texas trilogy, is a testament to Mars as both a musician and a songwriter. The title track, as well as the lead track "Hell Yeah" are the album's cornerstones, and the ones that fans will gravitate towards as their intro to this album. However, it's songs like the remake of his original "Silver Buttons" and "Danger Danger" that bring his musicianship into perspective. Both songs are driven by their lyrics, but show vastly different facets of Mars' musical delivery. It also helps that he's got a talented backing band. One of the most fun tracks on the album is the reggae-infused "Things You Don't Wanna Know" which also showcases some of Mars lyrics in a more playful way. Despite having been released almost a year ago, "The Money" holds up as a highly listenable and accessible musical collection, and is one of those albums that you crave listening to over and over again.