#reviewoftheweek / Bobby Long - Ode To Thinking

Bobby Long is one of those raw talents that doesn't come around often. It's amazing he hasn't made a larger splash in the music world, but it may be for the best. Since his debut album, he's been able to explore his range of talents and influences, creating vastly different and familiar sounding songs, all hinged on his bluesy and folky vibe. He's got one of those deep voices you'd expect from a hard rock singer, yet he uses it to display subtlety through his lyrics, while still being able to deliver pop-esque music. This album features a handful of songs that bridge his short, three album career, both reminding the listener who he is at his roots, and developing a trust with the listener to allow him to visit new sonic places. At the core, Bobby Long is a songwriter and a storyteller, and his lyrics never disappoint. Songs like "I'm Not Going Out Tonight" and the title track are proof positive of that. Really, if you judge the songs just by their titles, you pretty much know what you're going to get lyrically from each. Long's latest album doesn't let down in any way, and is a refreshing addition to his growing catalogue.