#reviewoftheweek / Matt Nathanson - Show Me Your Fangs

The latest album from Matt Nathanson is too short! Only ten songs long, at the end it leaves you wanting more. That's because Nathanson has crafted a new collection of excellent pop songs, that from end to end, showcases his incredible songwriting abilities. "Gold In The Summertime" is the most fun song on the album, making you feel the sunshine sonically. On the other end of the spectrum, one of the most cleverly written on the album is "Bill Murray," which explains a dream that Nathanson had in which he and the actor were friends. It's one of the few slow songs on the album, making is stand out, not just for it's incredible lyrics. Other standout tracks are "Adrenaline," "Giants," and "Headphones." For die hard Matt Nathanson fans, this album is a welcome addition to his songbook and for listeners just being introduced to this underrated singer/songwriter, the album offers a good jumping off point to dive into his back catalogue.