#reviewoftheweek / The White Buffalo - Love And The Death Of Damnation

Folk, country, and rock all combine to define the White Buffalo's sound, and for years, he's been delivering his Johnny Cash-esque music to us. His latest showcases more of just that. He's a storyteller, and his gritty vocals connect with the listener, providing a truth that many musicians cannot deliver. His subject matter ca"n live in dark places, and his voice and delivery match each of his lyrics. "Modern Times" is the album's first single, and it is an upbeat rocker that echoes several of his previous releases, bringing the listener into familiar territory. "I Got You" features guest vocals from Audra Mae, and showcases his ability to blur genre lines, attaching himself to a variety of musical styles. At the core, the White Buffalo is a folk singer, and what he can do with his voice, clever and poignant lyrics, and an acoustic guitar is a thing of beauty, and virtually unmatched in music today. He's an old soul and a throwback to when music was pure and raw, and this album showcases that incredibly well.