#reviewoftheweek / JD Eicher - The Middle Distance

Some might say the world doesn't need another singer/songwriter slinging a guitar. You might be right, but he world could use more like JD Eicher. Not trying to emulate any one specific influence, Eicher shows off his songwriting skill well on this album, his first without his backing band, The Goodnights. His pop sensibilities rival those who came before him such as John Mayer and Joshua Radin and fans of rock bands like OneRepublic and The Fray will find songs on this album they can identify with. "This Heart" and "Not Everyone Runs" are standout tracks, and given the right radio airplay could catapult JD Eicher to the top of the charts. Eicher is no rookie when it comes to playing and songwriting, and now it's time for the rest of the world to know his name.