#reviewoftheweek / Rogue Wave - Delusions Of Grand Fur

Indie rock, and a style, would be nothing without certain bands. Rogue Wave is one of those bands who pioneered a sound that hovers just one side of full-fledged alternative rock. While these guys have turned out some pretty recognizable hit songs over the years, they have returned to a much more subtle display of their signature sound. "California Bride" has elements of light hearted power pop directly from the west coast and "What Is Left To Solve" is one of the more alternative sounding songs on the album. The gem of the album is "In The Morning" which was produced by another indie rock legend, former Death Cab For Cutie member and indie rocker extraordinaire Chris Walla. Rogue Wave have staying power in the music world, and this album proves that you don't need big hits or gimmicks to succeed. All you need is awesome music that is instantly identifiable as only coming from one band.