CD REVIEW: Gregory Alan Isakov "This Empty Northern Hemisphere"

This album will put Gregory Alan Isakov on the indie folk map. He has always been kind of under the radar, but with this new album, which features a guest appearance by Brandi Carlile (who appears on a cover of "One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong"), he has elevated his game. Musically it is much more full than his previous releases, without alienating the core of his sound which is acoustic folk. The mellowness and slowness of the songs are still there. He has not turned into a pop star by any means, but several of the songs on this album can be considered to be much more accessible to a mass audience than his previous releases. Isakov poured his heart and soul into this work, once again, and has delivered a solid collection from beginning to end. Some tracks to take note of are "Evelyn" and "That Moon Song."