CD REVIEW: Rebelution "Bright Side Of Life"

Rebelution gained so much success on the heels of their previous album that it is hard to wonder if they could follow up with an equally good effort. Well, the wait is over, and surely Rebelution has delivered. This album has more of what the last broguht in terms of the reggae rock sound, however it is more polished and seems to be more musical. Their roots rock vibe is still evident and you can tell by the way they play their instruments that their sound is born of live music and their studio recordings showcase their live feel well. It's fair to say that there are more radio friendly tracks on this album, and could help the band gain more widespread success in the alternative community. They are not quite as alternative as 311, harder edged and less punk than Sublime, and certainly a lot more high energy than Bob Marley. But, the mix of some of the best elements of all three of those artists will help this album gain the steam it needs and recognition it deserves to make Rebelution as popular.