CD REVIEW: Mike Doughty "Sad Man Happy Man"

Ever since Mike Doughty decided to do the solo thing he has been reinventing himself. Each album he has released as a solo artist started sounding less and less like Soul Coughing and more and more like a unique unrelated artist (with the same voice, of course). This latest effort is his most individual album yet. Lacking a substantial backing band, Doughty performed most of the songs completely on his own. In fact, many of the tracks are just Mike and a guitar. This mostly acoustic album features some of Mike's best lyrical compositions, including "Pleasure On Credit" and "(He's Got The) Whole World (In His Hands)." The unique song titles, like the first single "(You Should Be) Doubly (Gratified)," are right in line with Doughty's quirky nature as he once again blurs the line between alternative rock and folk music. This time around less is more and Mike Doughty shows off what it is to be a true musician and performer.