CD REVIEW: OneRepublic "Waking Up"

Success came easy for OneRepublic on their first album. With the backing of super-producer Timbaland, it wasn't hard to get the exposure that they needed to break out. Now that they've become a household name, it's time to prove that they're not just a one hit wonder. With their second album, which is heavy on the production side, OneRepublic has reproduced the exact formula that got them where they are today. Well crafted, well executed songs fill the entire album with lyrics that are both poignant and singable. The first single, "All The Right Moves" is surely an album standout, but it's not the best of the bunch. "Secrets" is the song that will skyrocket this band back into the spotlight for sure. However, it's "Everybody Loves Me" and "Good Life" that show off the band at their best and most creative on this album. They've definitely proven they have staying power, and with this album they have defined themselves as a band, not just as the guys who sing that song "Apologize."